Standing Desks.. Bekant

Well the standing desks movement has been growing for some time. Anyone that’s worked in an office for some time at a computer, knows the horror of that lower back twinge..

Ikea have brought out Bekant.. which makes it available for less than the price of a limb.. and it’s a beautiful piece of engineering..

We’ve just installed one and it’s already changing how we check an email.. the days of fully open plan and playful working are coming..

Sam and the Womp – Bom Bom

Sam and the Womp – Bom Bom

Fun and infectious sound…

This will take you over..


(NEW VIDEO) 50 Cent – Wait Until Tonight (Official Music Video)

New music video by 50 Cent performing his new song, “Wait Until Tonight”

KOF – Be Like You (Video) – Out Now on iTunes

Be Like You’ is the second single from the forthcoming project by KOF and finds him standing up for the purity of music and its purpose.

‘Be Like You’ has been playlisted on BBC Radio 1Xtra, Unity Radio, Bang Radio 103.6 FM, KCCLIVE 99.8 FM, Radio Cardiff and many more. Plus plays on Radio 1, Capital Network, Amazing Radio and more.

The video builds on the theme of the song, showing us how negative images and false depictions within music and music videos can have profound effects in real life. As the director of the clip, KOF shows us that we should be proud of who we are and not try to imitate things that we see, especially when we can not relate or do not believe in them. Further if there is to be a change to be made, it’s up to us as individuals to make it.

Nice track look forward to hearing more from this young man, lets hope Be like you is the start of something special from KOF.

Beyonce – Dance For You (Official Music Video)

If you have a poor heart condition, suffer from asthma, or if excitements not good for you i advice you NOT to watch this video. Enjoy!!!!

Jadakiss ” Young And Ready “

Jadakiss’ hook-man Emanny, takes over the reigns on his new recording. Just remember, being young and ready is what got R.Kelly in trouble.

Will i am – Great times

Will i am is back, whats the verdict on his new single of his soon to be released album?

Roll Deep – Picture Perfect (Official Video)

NEWS: New Roll Deep Single – Picture Perfect

Submitted by siananderson on 6.25pm, Wed 23rd Nov 2011

Roll Deep are back with another one, this time with new recruit Tania Foster. Picture Perfect will be released by Cooking Vinyl on 23rd January 2012.

Check the SoundCloud Link to Picture Perfect here

Check the behind the scene footage of the video here


24th November 2011   Vodka Republic, Portsmouth

15th December 2011   Plug, Sheffield

21st December 2011  SBTV & Friends Xmas party (hosted by Roll Deep) @ Koko, London

21st January 2012      Play, Hereford

Kano – “Room Service”

After hitting us with heavyweight tracks week after week alongside Mikey J on their joint project Not 4 The A ListKano announced that he would be dropping a mixtape just for the ladies entitled Girls Over Guns. Moments ago he dropped off the album cover designed by Kalvy Peterson (who directed the “E.T” video for us) with the tracklist. The 10 track mixtape has one lone feature which is from London repping rapper Scorcher and will only be made available to ladies apparently. Not sure how he’s going to pull that off but… Kano has given us permission to unleash track 6 from the mixtape which is his take on Drake’s Nicki Minaj​ featuring cut “Make Me Proud” from Take Care.

Ryan Leslie – “Beautiful Lie” In-Studio

This is talent in motion. An update from the multi-talented Ryan Leslie who is about to change that tagline to ‘omni-talented’ by attempting the musical high dive: putting out a rap album (Les is More–threatening to materialize for a minute and a half now). Considering that his creative process basically involves himself and a homeboy alone in a studio with their dreams (delusions?) of grandeur, this is probably the most compelling behind-the-scenes, messin-about-in-the-studio vid I’ve seen yet. And that is because dude makes some undeniably great music and his own energy translates directly to the listener. I’m not 100% sure whether the video treatment he is laying out will ever make it to the HD stage, or how the whole rap album thing will work out. But I’m damn sure I will be watching while he climbs the ladder