Do Less Get More

There is an interesting new book – Do Less Get More by Shaa Wasmund.

Learn more at

If you read the book and want to publish your review let us know, and FreshAndOnPoint Members can meet Shaa live in a few weeks .. get in touch with your membership manager for details.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty has been around as a game for a while, but the launch of Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare combined with the momentum of PS4 and XBox means that this Xmas will open up a whole new world of gaming and points at the future of entertainment.

The Game produced with a larger budget than many movies, and with a more profitable business model points to the future.

The Game itself is awesome.. well if you’re able to see it for what it is.. a mix of simulation, experience and interactivity.

There is also a lot to be said to the future it is pointing at.. we live now in 2014.. in a world of drones, of robots, or remote AI. The inclusion of Kevin Spacey – albeit mainly his voice – and for those of us who love House of Cards.. and we do hear it at FreshAndOnPoint – both the original and the Netflix Reboot.. well it’s all a bit too close to comfort… which makes for a compelling storyline..

We’ve come a long way from Metal Gear Solid.. and that first move into the holographic world.. that we pointed at last year..

So.. check out the graphics and fluidity of millions of players.. and think about what’s coming..


DigitalStarMedia: Stardo Karle – Congratulations [Official Music Video] Reupload @StardoKarle

DigitalStarMedia: Stardo Karle – Congratulations [Official Music Video] Reupload @StardoKarle


Reflections App

AirPlay mirror your iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or the new iPad to any Mac or PC, wirelessly.

This is an awesome idea. if you want to play angry birds on your big screen,
if you want to record you new app, or new project.

(note you need to mirror the app with Relection App, then use Screenflow to actually record it..)

Fresh Forms

If you are looking to get a super sexy website up and online then you need to get

It was designed by one of the Founders of Fresh And On Point – Simon Hedley – as part of the plan to help millions of people get on line and start adding more value and in combination with the Manifesting Millionaires and Web Domination programs.

You can style your opt in forms in just a few minutes.

If even this sounds complex get in touch with the team at or and tell them we sent you for a special deal.

Charli XCX – Nuclear Seasons [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Official video from Charli XCX for ‘Nuclear Seasons’ released through This Is Music. Available for free download now at

Charli X has been getting more and more critical success, with an innovative sound and appealing to many genres, great base lines, and vocals, make this one to watch, also there are some great remixes out there, which are sure to propel Charli XCX to even greater success in 2012 and beyond.

Directed by Ryan Andrews
Video effects by

Follow Charli on:

Honey ft Talib Kweli

Honey ft Talib Kweli

Donaeo is back again with a new album called Indigo child.

His Bio:

A kingpin where all things UK dance are concerned, Donaeo (meaning Gift from God) has been a staple fixture on the underground since his anthemic debut ‘My Philosophy (Bounce)’, made when he was just 16, aired back in 2001. Regarded not just as a producer, his forays into singing, rapping and songwriting have gone on to shape the star that’s in many ways still yet to be fully revealed.

Born in Ghana where he lived for just a year, 20-something Donaeo is actually the guy you’re more likely to find locked in the studio when he’s not performing. While you may have thrown a hand in the air to more recent classics like ‘Party Hard’, ‘Devil In A Blue Dress’ and ‘African Warrior’, you may not know his co-writing credits include Yasmin ‘On My Own’, Mz Bratt ‘Selecta’ and Ms Dynamite ‘What You Talking About?’ He also penned the theme tune for the final series of Channel 4’s Dubplate Drama alongside Wretch32. Other standout moments include his recent feature on the haunting Breakage cut ‘Speechless’ and Shy FX’s ‘Raver’ with Kano and Roses Gabor.

It’s a far cry from his early career, where in the 00’s Donaeo signed to Sticky’s ‘Social Circles’ record label at 17-years old – it was supposed to be the beginning of a much-expected solo career. But with label politics leading to a falling out with the bosses, Donaeo found himself stuck in a deal that he couldn’t get out of and was left in a position with very few options.

As a result, aged 23, in a bid to work out his next move, Donaeo decided to take a break from music, flitting between various retail jobs (“Cash Converters was the worst”) and a stint at a marketing company where ironically enough he worked alongside the then unknown Taio Cruz. By 2008 Donaeo decided the time was right to return and his independently released debut album Party Hard ensued the following year. Turning a hand to promoting too, in 2010 alongside Ctrl.Alt.Shift and a slew of acts, Donaeo helped raise over £3,000 for the Haiti emergency appeal.

Preferring to work from his home studio, which suits his ADHD-related tendencies that have inspired the workings of his new material, he still credits his best ideas to those he conjures up riding on a bus or train. Now, after two years since his last LP, Donaeo’s preparing the release of two new albums in the next year. This summers release, Indigo Child, a title that doubles up as pseudoscientific label given to those who are claimed to possess special or unusual traits or abilities, will be a free giveaway for fans.

“Last year I feel like I found myself and it’s kind of like this; you can look at ADHD in two ways… You can take pills for it or be an Indigo Child. The only difference between me and someone else is that I’ve got a lot of excess energy but I’ve found a way to channel it. I’m about dance music and this album is definitely that.” Donaeo

The recently released lead track ‘Swagger’ is in keeping with mixing the old with the new, channeling inspiration from the likes of The Prodigy, James Brown, Frank Ocean and Shy FX, where song writing is concerned you’ll find Donaeo also nodding towards The Script and Coldplay. Despite nailing a lauded Talib Kwali feature on the forthcoming ‘Honey’, Donaeo’s unique formula continues to encapsulate everything that’s good about the broadened British soundscapes in 2011.

A follow up album, which will get a full release, will be out in Spring 2012 and will feature collaborations with Shy FX, Breakage and more.

This is definitely FreshAndOnPoint and a perfect pick me for the cold autumn here in London.

Get you free download today right now from

Skitz Beatz

Interview with Skitz Beatz

Skitz Beatz

Skitz Beatz


We will be showcasing an interview with Skitz Beatz soon.


If you have questions you would like to ask Skitz, or insights that you would like investigated.
Please let us know.





Skitz on BBC2