Lil Jon ft LMFAO ‘Drink’

Blending hip-hop with dance, rapper Lil Jon’s new track features crazy Party Rockers LMFAO. Following in the same vein as his previous crossover hits, like ‘Shots’ and ‘Outta Your Mind’, ‘Drink’ captures his life-of-the-party style and sound, which is probably best demonstrated in the video…

Chris Lake ‘Build Up’

The follow-up to ‘Sundown’, this is the latest single to be taken from house producer Chris Lake’s forthcoming album.

Featuring vocals from GiTA, ‘Build Up’ er… builds towards a powerful energy, proving exactly why the Deadmau5 collaborator has been garnering so much attention for his huge house sound lately.

White Powder Gold ‘Rock N Rolla’

Following in the footsteps of their debut single ‘Can’t Stop Me Now’, White Powder Gold’s new track ‘Rock N Rolla’ continues in the same genre-thrashing vein.

With influences ranging from The Stooges, Beastie Boys, Rage Against the Machine and The Stone Roses to house producers like Claude Von Stroke and Daft Punk, the London-based four-piece band manage to create their own unique vibe.

An experimental mix of punk rock and urban, the single’s video is a full on riot, and captures the white hot live energy of a band capable of breathing some much-needed attitude into the mainstream charts this year.

Steve Aoki ft Kid Cudi & Travis Barker ‘Cudi the Kid’

Those with a fear of clowns, look away now. Punk-inspired DJ Steve Aoki’s new video is like a dark LSD trip, featuring a mini-look-a-like of his collaborator Kid Cudi and Travis Barker’s actual son Landon.

Like an unstoppable force of nature, Aoki has helped turn underground house, electro and harder-edged EDM with rap and rock leanings into the phenomena it is today – a sound which is perfectly demonstrated on the third UK single to be taken from his debut artist album ‘Wonderland’.

Kaskade ft Skylar Grey ‘Room For Happiness’

With a double Las Vegas residency, a three-month tour of North America which will see him headline more than 70 shows and seven artist albums under his belt, it’s no wonder DJ Times and Pioneer named Kaskade as America’s Best DJ last year.

The third single to be taken from his chart-topping album ‘Fire & Ice’, ‘Room for Happiness’ is reminiscent of the electro house DJ’s ‘I Remember’ collaboration with Deadmau5 in 2009, and features haunting vocals from co-writer Skylar Grey.

Meek Mill “Moment 4 Life” Freestyle Music Video

Meek Mill presents…
“Moment 4 Life” Freestyle Music Video

A South9 Entertainment Production
Directed by: Dave Patten
Produced by: David Ricks, Dave Patten
Lighting: David HW Ricks III

A Dave Patten Film