How to enjoy Japanese Tonkotsu Ramen


It is very popular ramen shop. This shop is kind of  ‘ippudo’

First, we need to buy a ramen ticket of the touch panel outside ramenshop.

Second, please pass a meal ticket to shop assistant.and imform your taste in something. How do you like hardness of noodle?? Do you like strong taste?or week? Do you like greasy or not??

Third,When shop stuff gave you a ramen, you can put in special topping .if you want to change taste of soup. Tonkotsu ramen is good match “red ginger” or “Takana-redpepper ,sesami oil,and takana”or sesami powder or black pepper or garlic.

Four, Have a good dinner!!!

PS, I f you don’t full up your stomack, you can buy etc noodle or “Mentaiko rice-salted cod roe with red pepper  and rice”.I suggested you that “Mentaiko rice” Mentaiko rice and egg and ramen soup” it looks like “Creamy italian risotto”


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