Our team were in stealth mode at WebSummit 2015.

We came across Treauu.. and think their a team to watch..

Discover. Connect. Collaborate.

More details to come .. as they near launch..


Standing Desks.. Bekant

Well the standing desks movement has been growing for some time. Anyone that’s worked in an office for some time at a computer, knows the horror of that lower back twinge..

Ikea have brought out Bekant.. which makes it available for less than the price of a limb.. and it’s a beautiful piece of engineering..

We’ve just installed one and it’s already changing how we check an email.. the days of fully open plan and playful working are coming..

Call of Duty

Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty has been around as a game for a while, but the launch of Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare combined with the momentum of PS4 and XBox means that this Xmas will open up a whole new world of gaming and points at the future of entertainment.

The Game produced with a larger budget than many movies, and with a more profitable business model points to the future.

The Game itself is awesome.. well if you’re able to see it for what it is.. a mix of simulation, experience and interactivity.

There is also a lot to be said to the future it is pointing at.. we live now in 2014.. in a world of drones, of robots, or remote AI. The inclusion of Kevin Spacey – albeit mainly his voice – and for those of us who love House of Cards.. and we do hear it at FreshAndOnPoint – both the original and the Netflix Reboot.. well it’s all a bit too close to comfort… which makes for a compelling storyline..

We’ve come a long way from Metal Gear Solid.. and that first move into the holographic world.. that we pointed at last year..

So.. check out the graphics and fluidity of millions of players.. and think about what’s coming..




We are looking forward to participating in the global events for On131313.

Register now and showcase the best you can and enjoy the process.

Ultimate MvC3 – PlayStation Vita features trailer

Full trailer for UMvC3 on PlayStation Vita – the full console experience in your hand. Out Feb 15, 2012. Looks very impressive!!

LG Prada 3

The good: The LG Prada cell phone has a sophisticated and stylish design that is sure to turn heads. Its 3-inch display is stunning, and the touch screen interface is surprisingly usable. It also has a 2.0-megapixel camera, a music player, and a document viewer.

The bad: The LG Prada does not have 3G support, which is unfortunate for such an expensive phone. While the touch screen interface isn’t too difficult to use, it still requires a little bit of a learning curve. A few of the phone’s external buttons are a little hard to press, and the microSD card slot is inconveniently located behind the battery.

The bottom line: While the LG Prada is a gorgeous phone with a stunning touch screen display, its simple feature set may not justify its hefty price tag. That said, if you want one of the most fashionable phones available, the LG Prada is definitely the phone to get.

With sleek and sexy cell phones like the LG Chocolate and the LG Shine under its belt, LG has edged Motorola to become one of the most well-known manufacturers of design-centric phones. It’s no wonder, then, that Prada–one of the world’s premier fashion houses–has chosen to partner with LG to produce the very first Prada-branded cell phone.


It’s Official- PlayStation Vita is Here

The World is in Play

Take on opponents across the globe while you take a bus across town. Control every movement with the tap of a finger or blow up enemy fighters soaring through your living room. Some of your favorite PS3 brands, and some new titles developed just for PlayStation®Vita let you discover a gaming experience with no limits. The world is in play.

Brand new ways to play

Transform your world. With front and rear cameras, you can turn kitchen counters into a fight ring or office boardrooms into a battlefield. Augmented Reality (AR) technology for PlayStation®Vita brings your physical world into the PlayStation® world.

Interact with the world. 3G/Wi-Fi* capabilities pinpoint the location of nearby opponents, send friends on treasure hunts, and keep the world updated on your rank.

Non-stop action. Literally. Keep the intensity up at home or on the go. With 3G/Wi-Fi connectivity, you can pick up games right where you left off, even from your PS3 system.

Stop dribbling and treat ya self, kidnap Santa, raid ya account, ask Mummy or Daddy but definatly get one!!!



FREE ENTRY (w/ Sign up)

CDR Knowledge sessions are a series of experiential learning events that bring togther tools that are used with the people that make them
This session explores the world of music creation and development from a mobile perspective


Your chance to check out iOS devices loaded with some of the stand-out apps yourself guided by our team of experienced producers and specialists.


From initial inspiration  to final build – Interview and Q+A sessions with the people behind the mobile apps


In depth app demonstrations explained from a ‘build a track on the spot – Ask loads of questions’ perspective


Production presentations by artists and producers flexing mobile
production muscle


A DJset featuring tracks produced using mobile apps. Submit yours to our SoundCloud Dropbox for consideration. Highlights to be featured on our Made with Mobile mixtape!

Made With Mobile SoundCloud DropBox

BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9981

£2000, that’s the amount of pocket money you’ll have to have saved up to afford the beauty that is the BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9981 smartphone.

The Porsche Design designed P’9981 packs a stainless steel frame hewn from a single block of metal, is hand-wrapped leather back, and weighty like a rather fine fountain pen.

Designed in co-operation with Tood Wood, Research In Motion’s head of design, in the hand and it is bigger than the BlackBerry Bold 9900, but still follows the same design ethos, even if it has been tricked out with a new keyboard that incidentally comes from the same metal as the casing.

That keyboard is just as good to type on as all the BB keyboards and while it runs BB OS 7 (no BBX just yet), Porsche has been allowed, with RIMs permission, to skin the OS creating a new set of exclusive icons to go with the hardware design.

Inside and you get basically the same package as the BlackBerry Bold 9900. There are some changes of course like a different aerial system to get around all that metal.

For those a little rusty on their BB specs, that’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM 8655 1.2GHz processor, 768MB of RAM and runs BlackBerry 7.

The screen is a 2.8-inch touchscreen one, with a 640×480 resolution (287dpi) and there’s NFC capabilities too, to go alongside the Wi-Fi, GPS and 3G connectivity.

Storage is 8GB, expandable with hot swappable microSD – something that isn’t the case with the BB Bold 9900, and whipping off that leather, not faux leather, backplate will reveal a replaceable battery as well.

Research In Motion tell us that it will be coming to the UK before the year is out, making it that perfect Christmas present for the BlackBerry user that believes they have everything.

Like Marmite we suspect you’ll either love it or hate it.

Productivity Future Vision (2011)

Watch how future technology will help people make better use of their time, focus their attention, and strengthen relationships while getting things done at work, home, and on the go. (Release: 2011)