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Menswear Designer Sale

The next Menswear Designer Sale is on from Friday 22 November 2013 to Saturday 23 November 2013

10am – 6pm(/7pm)

It’s at The Chelsea Town Hall, Kings Road, London, SW3

We don’t normally mention sales, but the Menswear Designer Sale has been running for over a decade

a mix of discreet and public you’ll get a bargain if you’re smart and early

Some items up to 80% off.

You’ll have more fun if you go with £1,000 to spend than £10.

Either way.. worth a look..

We have a ticket for free entry for 2 available..



We are looking forward to participating in the global events for On131313.

Register now and showcase the best you can and enjoy the process.

THE Revival - 90's Halloween Party

Halloween Parties – 27th October – The Revival

What are you doing for Halloween?

There are great parties happening especially thanks to Simon X who we think are one of the best in pulling rabbits out of a hats..keep it up.. we love what you do..

THE Revival - 90's Halloween Party

This year. in London




THE Revival – 90’s Halloween Party
Love dancing?  Miss good old 90’s Dance, RnB and Hip Hop tunes…..
Come join us and revive the 90’s.
Book Your Ticket Today – £12 in advance – £20 on the door.
Saturday 27th October – 8pm-2am
It wouldn’t be a halloween party without a costume.
Don’t worry no Witches, Ghots and Draculars here.  
Come as you’re favourite singer / musician…
who’s no longer with us.

Michael Jakson, Whitney Huston, Tupac,  Biggie Smalls, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Buddy Holly… who will you be? who will your friends be?


Iceberg – MIFW Spring/Summer 2012

Iceberg – MIFW Spring/Summer 2012

Salvatore Ferragamo Spring 2012 Show + Backstage ft Hofit Golan

MILAN – As models like Karmen Pedaru, Aymeline Valade, and Daphne Groeneveld glide onto the stage in beautifully colored dresses with tropical prints, turquoise, and bold hues, FashionTV host and actress Hofit Golan have your exclusive up-close look at the models, the runway, and the man of the hour, head designer Massimiliano Giornetti. Our host Hofit Golan has an exclusive interview with him backstage. Golan is clad in a form fitting animal print dress when she interviews him after the show. “We wanted to break that and put some energy to feed the mind and the soul,” Giornetti says, when describing how the explosive color of the Spring/Summer 2012 collection is a far cry from the more black and white Fall/Winter line. “We have such a huge archive and the brand has so much heritage that we want to go back and revisit them season after season,” adds Chase Ferragamo when Golan asks him how the brand keeps coming up with such award winning designs.

Fendi – MIFW Spring/Summer 2012

Fendi – MIFW Spring/Summer 2012

The Best of NYFW Spring/Summer 2012: New York

NEW YORK – FTV presents a review of New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 featuring urban chic meets feminine designs that are perfect for the hip and stylish in NYC and across America. Featuring top American models like Arizona Muse and Karlie Kloss as well as a bevy of beauties from around the world, this season was one not to miss and now FTV has the recap just for you.